Define and limit your risk. It can make a huge difference in your life/trading.

Promise me something….

Earlier in the day, I posted this picture and asked to tell me the story from what you see. You can often tell a lot from a picture even if you don’t know much about it, and in trading we do the same thing with charts. 

The responses to the picture told most of the story.

First, I gave the hint that someone in the picture was also in the video.  If you watch the video I identified the person as my older sister… Sue. She is the one on the far right. 

Other observations posted was that the picture seems to be taken in a hospital.  The hospital garb was a tell.  Also if you look closely at the gentleman next to my sister, he has what seems to be a heart monitor attached to his chest.   The two on the left have a family resemblance.   They are all smiling (which is good). They seem to be wearing light clothing. So you might assume it is a recent – summer time photo.  

All that true.  The gentleman with the heart monitor is my brother in law. Their children are my niece and nephew.  That is what you know.  Spoiler alert….My brother in law is fine and alive.

What you don’t know is 3 days before that picture, my brother in law had a full cardiac arrest – three times – one at home and twice in the hospital over the next 10 or so hours.  

What you also don’t know is that the first incidence was at home and for 3 minutes he tested the proverbial lifes trend line.  My sister performed CPR on him to keep him alive and passed the baton to the EMT professionals who advanced his rebound, stabilized him and took him to the hospital, where doctors and nurses did the next steps in the process.  

The heart was irritated and it ended up causing two corrections in his physical advancement over the next 8 or so hours, but he hung in there and pulled through each time with the help of the wonderful doctors and nurses. He got out of the hospital in 5 days. He is doing exceptionally well. We don’t know what the future might be, but the doctors are all very encouraged for the continuation of a full and fruitful life.  

If the initial cardiac event was a chart, it would be the USDJPY chart at this point today.  The price came down, tested a risk level, the market fought between bullish or bearish, but started to recover.  

What we know from what happened in the USDJPY price action today, is the price bottomed and advanced. It was a winner. The trade is over.  

I know this post is like no other but I always say trading is like life.  We need to define and limit our risk in lots of things in life. And we do it in trading too.

What my sister wants to do now is remind all that CPR is a life saver.  The first minutes are the most important ones.  You need to know what to do.  Think of it as defining risk.  In my weird crazy mind, that is what she did and I am so, so thankful

So forget about trading. Instead watch a video on CPR. Take a course at a hospital.  Be aware. Be prepared. We do it in trading. Let’s do it outside of trading too.  


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