Platform review: A look at’s MassInsights technology

Platform review

You can trade with
confidence at as it is a fully regulated broker
licensed in the European Union and governed by the Cyprus Securities and
Exchange Commission (CYSEC). It employs rigorous safety practices and adheres
to the MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive). 

It has recently
been audited by the prestigious Pricewaterhouse Coopers accounting firm and
given a top rating. It is a straight through processing broker (STP) meaning
that there is no conflict of interest with clients since they are not opening
up opposing positions to them.

Discover MassInsights Trading has won
numerous awards. Their FX Director Dennis de Jong has been recognized by The
Global Banking and Finance Awardsfor four years in a row
being awarded the Financial Director of the year award.

This has been for
his outstanding commitment to excellence, engaging new technology and providing
transparent trading conditions for his clients. The UK Forex Awards awarded their
trademarked MassInsights™
technology platform with the Best Forex Trading Tools awards in both 2016 and

In fact, their MassInsights™ technology platform is a
standout trading tool that UFX.Com
offer their clients. It is accessible, unique, and attractive, yet both a
practical and informative feature.


The MassInsights™
technology is accessible through any web browser, so where you have internet
access you have the ease and convenience of being able to link straight into
the platform. There is no download required and no compatibility issues that
you might have to otherwise consider. It is as simple and convenient to access
as possible


This is where the MassInsights™ Technology comes in. The
key feature of the platform is that it aggregates all positions on a certain
currency or asset and visually shows you how traders are currently positioned.

Wouldn’t it be great to know how many traders are long
or short the EUR/USD pair at any given time? How about knowing how traders in
the UK or in France are positioned on the EURO as this screenshot below

The MassInsights™ Technology gives you, at
a glance, the trading positioning of all the traders in their global community.
Normally, only large funds and big brokers would have access to the positions
of lots of traders, so now you have the option to be informed too.

This is an
excellent tool for assessing future price moves and also offers superb
opportunities to fade the populist positions as a fundamental shift enters the
market. For example, if you knew that a majority of traders were short the CAD
on the USD/CAD pair and then the recently disputed NAFTA agreement was finalized,
you could happily long the CAD confident that many other traders would soon be
unwinding their short CAD positions and push price even further in your favor.
Knowing the herd’s behavior will help you decide when to run with it and
when to run against it.

The MassInsights™ Technology will also
help you see a quick change in buy and sell orders. You can even set alerts to
be sent to you in order that you can be notified as soon as trend reversal is

Another key
feature is the volatility spotter which, as the name suggests, spots the
volatility of certain moves on specific assets. Linked to this is the
notification that you get when there is a growth in the number of traders
opening positions on a specific asset.

It also depicts
large spikes in volume letting you know when more positions are being opened
than normal. This could be an excellent feature to use when a fundamental shift
has occurred in the market and any substantial increase in volume could be used
as a confirming indicator to join the move.


The layout of the
charts is simple and user friendly. Trades can be executed with just one click
and then managed from the bar that appears on the bottom of your screen.
Furthermore, just one click on the chart aspect of the asset or currency being
traded calls up a separate page. 

This page contains
information about the asset or currency being traded, information on that
market’s trading hours, the current price and Daily Volatility. This same page
also contains a price chart which has a full range of charting tools and
indicators. All with the convenience of a web trading platform. Below is a screenshot
of the overview for Gold:

All of the MassInsights™ Technology tools above
are designed to help traders see, at a glance, key market shifts and events. It
is a platform with a difference, as the platform is assisting you analyze
and interpret the price data in front of you and then contextualizes it, via
Mass Insights, by showing the general position of its market participants.

In this way an institutional
service is being brought to a retail trader. 
Funding your account with UFS is fast, convenient and secure. UFX
accepts a wide range of different payment methods, so you can choose the method
that best suits you. It is also accepting all the regular and most common
payment methods like MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron. Maestro, local bank
transfer, Skrill, and Neteller. 

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