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What is Scalping – Short Term Forex Trading Strategy?

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Our word of the day is “Scalping – Short Term Forex Trading Strategy”
Many novice forex traders find scalping to be a great technique. Scalping is a very low-risk strategy but nevertheless allows a strong trader to make enormous profits. This trading strategy requires a great amount of patience and awareness and although it is low risk it is still very hard for novice traders to profit from it. Emotions must be set aside as they lead to compulsive actions which do not work with scalping at all.
Scalping is a Forex trading strategy which relies on placing a large number of very short term trades. Each trade on its own doesn’t have the potential to bring in big money but as a whole, if played right, they can add up to quite a lot. Trades are constantly opened and closed and can last as little as just a few seconds or minutes. The recommended charts to use in scalping strategy are 1 minute and 5 minute charts. Some traders also use 15 minute charts but anything above 15 minutes would not be considered scalping.
Not all traders will have success with scalping as it requires certain skills and a lot of self-discipline. Beginners should not try this Forex trading strategy until they have acquired some experience and traders who have a hard time controlling their emotions should also steer clear of scalping and focus on longer, safer trades. Using scalping, a trader can find quick trading opportunities during the day without having to spend all day in front of the computer. The best time for scalping is when the European and American markets are both open, or during the morning hours of the European market.

By Barry Norman, Investors Trading Academy – ITA

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