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The Most Aggressive Trading System, Refined Forex Trading and Pyramiding Strategies // TAFX Ep. 109

With big gains also comes big risk. Or does it?

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In this episode of the Truth About Forex Podcast, we discuss aggressive trading systems that create big returns.

**Hugh:** Hi, Walter. This question comes quite a bit but what is the most aggressive trading system you’ve ever seen?

**Walter:** Wow, there’s so many. I mean, you know any kind of a Martingale thing is pretty aggressive and seems crazy to me.

But I guess if we’re just talking about something that I consider tradable, probably systems where you’re really piling in on a winner.

Like, pyramiding or some sort of pyramiding system where you add to your winners. I used to do this about ten years ago. Now really — nine years ago now — what I used to do is whenever I was giving in a strong trend, I would add positions as it gets closer to my target.

Now, I wouldn’t do it on every position but I did it on those where it looked like the market had a long ways to go. So if it looks like it can move really, really strongly in my favor — if it went — I would add these positions and it would be like for example, you took 3 lots in your first position then it goes 50% on the way to your target, I might add 5 lots.

Then it goes 70% to my target, I might add 6 lots and then when it goes 80% to my target, I might add 9 lots. I’ve got like all of these at the end of the position. You’ve got so many and there wasn’t really any breakeven set. I didn’t have breakeven thing.

I am more sophisticated now. I use sort of a breakeven thing. A lot of traders do this where if it retraces against you, you get popped out breakeven rather than actually risking too much. But, back in those days, I would…

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