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Understanding the Forex market using math: fx trading training for beginners – FREE webinar

Forex traders constantly challenge themselves to get an understanding of the market, and for those who are using technical analysis, they’re only partially aware that they’re using math, applied to faked Cartesian plane, the charts, which in real are simple representation of price action through time; this fx trading training aims to explain how to evolve our analysis on markets by evolving the quality of the information we are using to understand the markets.

Beginners approach to Forex, using their trading platform, hoping to achieve the best strategy with simple or complex technical analysis applied to one-dimensional element charts, hoping to apply the best strategy.

There is no such a best Forex trading system, but for sure there is a best approach to analysis that comes from math, geometry and trigonometry, applied on correct set of information, that can offer multiple opportunities to day trade, because based on proper mathematics applied on proper processed data.

You might consider the content of this video as an evolved simplification of Forex trading fundamentals.

Forex trading activity occurs on each currency we decide to trade, therefore the understanding of currencies and the fluctuating mechanism that puts them in relation, that we call Forex, is crucial.
The real understanding starts when shifting from the traditional Forex trading charts towards their interaction on a Cartesian plane, shaping new coherent charts, where a renewed technical analysis is possible, this time with more meaning. Every plane becomes a dimension of a multidimensional simultaneous object which is the ensemble of all the currencies expressed in pairs.

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