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Is SCALPING still Profitable in 2019? πŸ”¨

Is scalping still profitable in 2019? PLEASE LIKE, SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! Is scalping still profitable in this day and age; with the emergence of high frequency trading and advantages that technology provides? Is it still a lucrative strategy? In 2006 I was a demon scalper ; crude oil and DAX were my main things. Now, I’m far less active, far more selective, far more cautious and less glued to the screen; suits me better these days. These days spreads are really tight and really you want something that has a decent move compared to the spread. Technology is also on our side now; orders get in straightaway and fills are instant. What are the cons? HFT makes it more difficult since high frequency companies front-run you. The markets have also changed; it is a little less clean potentially so you have to pick the right markets and conditions.

Scalping has two sides
– either playing both sides of the order book and playing that game
– going for 10 pips maybe less; grabbing that and moving on to try accumulating say 100 pips per day or more.

For scalping to work for you however, you need to have the best discipline in the world…its a lot of pressure on your emotions. If you have the discipline and the ability to trade when you have the edge (i.e. the volatility is there that suits the conditions) then yes scalping can still be profitable.

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