Forex Trading Course

Forex Trading Complete Course – Fibonacci & AB=CD Patterns (Week 2)

Trading Forex – The 12 Week Transformation Program (Beginner to Mastery)

Week 2 – Fibonacci & AB=CD Patterns

The 12 Week Transformation is a 3-months comprehensive training program for trading forex designed to teach you a series of proprietary trading strategies with proven track records.

* Techniques & Strategies:
Structure Analysis & The NSH/NSL Principle
Fibonacci Ratio Analysis
TrendContinuation Trading
The CTS Trade
The2.618 Trade
Advanced Pattern Recognition

* Principles & Practices:
Trade Plan Development
Trading Psychology/Emotion Control
Record Keeping
Risk Management
Money Management
Position Sizing
And more….

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Trading Forex – The 12 Week Transformation Program (Beginner to Mastery)

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