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Ribbon scalping trading strategy. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE Scalping strategy ribbons. I’ve taken this strategy from a well-known guru and I want to dissect it and see whether we could use for our own scalping purposes. I like indicators under certain conditions but I’m not a big indicator fan. But I think if they can help align you with the kind of outcome that you’re looking for in your trades, say you want to stay long above a certain level or short below a level or come out and not trade and use them as a filter then that’s fair. I’m looking at this with a sceptical eye. The chart is 2 minute and the Ribbons are 13 Length, we have an 8 period moving average and a 5 period moving average. The idea is that while price is above the 13-period you’re staying long and while its below the 13-period you’re staying short. In a rotational market this is not too bad.

We are publishing a comprehensive course on scalping the markets – this is Part 21 of the full course (link to the full course below) – we are now getting into the more exciting bits (strategies!)


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