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Simple Day Trading System For Forex Traders – Trade Results For September 2015

Forex Bank Trading Course:

September brought one of the toughest months of trading for us this entire year. Every forex trading strategy or trading system has a market type that it is best suited for. The bank trading strategy will preform far better in more range bound markets that tend to hold major extremes. That is a good thing as the market is range bound 70% of the time statistically.

Because September had so many aggressive trending days we had a major reduction in the number of trades produced. Overall we had a little over half and just about 1/3rd of the trades we normally have. This resulted in far less opportunity for both the New York trading session as well as the London traders.

With all that being said September was still another profitable month overall producing +6% which brings a compounded gain of +110% over the last 5 months of trading. If you would like to view previous trading results for past months please view the links below.

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August Trade Results –


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