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Forex Scalping Bangla tutorial 100% SUCCESSFUL STRATEGY

Bangla tutorial Forex Scalping

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What is Scalping?

Scalping is a style of trading that has become very popular, mainly because it provides a lot of opportunities to make money. It is also very quick. Although there is sometimes a lot of waiting around, the profit or loss usually comes very quickly, so you do not have to sit biting your nails for hours wondering whether the trade is going to be a success, and where you should exit it. Very often the whole trade takes only a few seconds.

Scalping is the act of making fast trades for (usually) small profits, in and out for a few pips.

Simple put, you are going to get better results by looking for bounces instead of continuations. This will tend to mean trading against the trend, or at least the short-term trend. Do not worry about that. What you need to do are look for levels that are likely to provide a bounce. They key levels to look for can be found as follows:

Highs and lows of previous days, weeks and months, especially where that end of the cdle is wicky.

Weekly and monthly opens.

Round/whole numbers.

Pivot points.

The first two are the most important. Where they are confluent with round/whole numbers and pivot points, they are even stronger. Where there are several of these levels lined up together, they become even stronger. If the anticipated reversal is in tune with the long term trend, this is even better, but not essential.

The most important thing however is not just to identify the most probable levels at which there are going to be bounces. What is important and often overlooked is HOW the price gets there. As a rule, the faster the price moves there, and the greater the distance it has to travel to get there, the better. For example, if the Average True Range of the previous twenty days is 100 pips and the price races up to a round number that was also last week’s high and is approximately 100 pips from today’s low, you have a high probability of a bounce, so you can probably make some short pips off this level.

Forex Scalping Bangla tutorial 100% SUCCESSFUL STRATEGY

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