The allure of gold… Gold’s history dates back to at least 3100 BC and has probably been traded before then. Over the years Gold has continually increased in value. More recently, since the financial crisis of 2008, the price of Gold has rapidly increased. This huge increase over the period made it one of the of the
Support and resistance explained One of the most foundational aspects of technical analysis is support and resistance levels. These levels are key as they offer traders obvious places to limit and define their risk. There also represent places that price should not go if a trader has correctly analyzed their trade. Take your trading to
How to navigate a path through an upcoming risk event A risk event is any market event that the market is anticipating. For example, this could be an anticipated rate statement, a speech from a central banker, or a long awaited trade deal announcement like Brexit or Nafta. There are two key ways to trade
Fail to plan, plan to fail Turning to today’s post Turkey’s domestic outlook has been troubled lately. The country runs at a current account deficit (it needs to borrow money to balance the books), so the USDTRY strength has been particularly concerning for Turkey as the cost of borrowing effectively increased via the weakness of
Five patterns for new forex traders Being new to trading forex can often feel like wading out into dark choppy waters. It’s intimidating, unknown and overwhelming. Continuing the water metaphor, the internet is sea of information regarding trading, reading charts and extrapolating information from them. Figuring out the best indicators for your strategy and trading
How focused are you on anticipating your forex trades? [embedded content] In many things in life, you can often find ways to anticipate what might happen next. In essence, you see the future.  Athletes do it all the time. The best athletes anticipate what will happen next. Animators – who bring cartoons to life –
How to trade TRY The Turkish Lira has fallen dramatically in recent weeks. The Lira is down over 30% on the year and it had a 16% drop on just the 10th of August alone. One of the key reasons for the implosion of the economy has been Turkey’s current account deficit. This simply means
Climbing the path of improvement All of us want to keep improving in our trading, so how can we keep continuously developing? We achieve this by building on our strengths and working on or around our weaknesses.   The first thing to do is to be brutally honest with yourself and reviews these key areas:
A strong frame of mind We have already established that trading is stressful (as if we needed persuading), so now let’s look at some strategies for helping us to deal with stress. We all need stress to motivate us, so we don’t want to avoid all stress. We just want to be able to cope well with
What to look for when markets turn We are undoubtedly in the bull-iest of bull runs, which has made market watchers declare: Bully! The problem is that this bull seems to be running through a tech stock china shop. In the past few months we have Facebook take a significant dive after the Cambridge Analytica
Winning and Losing in the Markets How do you handle the stress of trading? Have you ever felt like throwing your computer out of the window with a losing trade? Or have you ever felt the elation of a winning trade that’s run and run? Woohoo , Warren Buffet watch out, here I come. And then you
Technical techniques for following the trend If you have been trading for any amount of time, you have likely read about trend following – which can be used as a forex trading strategy. Is it truly the allegorical Holy Grail of trading? Let’s dive deeper into Trend Following and see if it lives up to
What is the RSI and how does it work A quick search about Forex indicator will yield millions of results – 11.2 million results in fact. So once you’ve cut your teeth trading and you’re ready to graduate to a more technical way where do you start? One of the most popular methods of technical
Tips for staying ahead in a quiet market Summer trading can present a number of challenges for trading. For starters, ranges can be smaller due to the reduced volatility with many institutional traders away from their desks. Markets are more vulnerable to having patches of illiquidity with random moves taking out stops more readily on
How to make experience work for you Practice makes perfect. There are few axioms that are more frequently repeated than that one. Probably because it actually works. Trading though is completely different beast – a bull or a bear. When trading with a virtual balance, emotions such as fear, ego, greed and “revenge trading” are