German DAX down over 2% on the day The European shares are ending the session was sharp declines.  The fall was led by an over 2% decline in the German DAX. The provisional closes are showing: German DAX, -2.08% France’s CAC, -1.53% UK’s FTSE, -1.04% Italy’s FTSE MIB, -0.86% Spain’s Ibex, -0.80% Portugal’s PSI 20,
Up $.05 or +0.07% US WTI crude oil futures settled at $69.17. That is up $.05 or +0.07%. The high for the day reached $69.65. The low for the day reached $68.27. The price over the last 3 trading days has been trading mostly below the 100 day MA at $69.49 (closing below today).  The
How to plan your trades using Japanese candlesticks Japanese candlesticks and their patterns can be a valuable source of information for Forex traders. We examined their structure and patterns in the previous articles. This time, we’ll focus on applying the theory to practice and see how one can use the logic of candlesticks for opening
Asia Pacific Market Open – Canada CPI, Brexit Latest, Australian Dollar, Euro Canadian Dollar sinks on softer-than-expected inflation report ahead of BoC rate decision British Pound sees knee-jerk volatility as potential Brexit compromise creates a new issue Australian Dollar may gap lower given political uncertainty while Euro could turn lower We released our 4Q forecasts
Trading strategies: Trading news releases Trading a news release can be another useful tool to have in your trading inventory. However, there is a right way, and a wrong way to trade a news announcement. This article will aim to guide you how to recognise key news that can be traded, how to enter, where
Moody’s Ratings recently announced its decision to cut Italy’s rating to Baa3 while keeping the outlook stable. Key quotes (via Reuters) A key driver for downgrade of Italy’s ratings to Baa3 is a material weakening in Italy’s fiscal strength. Italy’s ratings downgrade also due to negative implications for medium-term growth of stalling of plans for
Cleveland Cliffs analyst loses his cool Cleveland Cliffs (formerly Cliffs Natural Resources) CEO  Lourenco Goncalves has a way with words. Luke Kawa from Bloomberg has been tracking his outburst on quarterly earnings calls for years but he took it to another level today, evidently because he was frustrated by the market reaction (-7%) to his