Technical Analysis

Major indices are now positive The major stock indices have turned positive after the FOMC meeting minutes. The S&P is up 4.33 points or 0.15% at 2747.92 The NASDAQ is a 14.7 points or 0.2% 7306 The Dow industrial average is up 49 points or 0.11% 25415 for the NASDAQ index the price after trading
Down $.07 or -0.14% The price of crude oil futures tried to get below the $50 level for the third day in a row, but fell short. Today’s low reached $50.30. The low yesterday reached $50.10. The low on Friday reached $50.15.   The price rebounded off the low and settled today at $51.56. The high
German magazine article stirs the pot and sends the EURUSD lower The EURUSD cracked back below the 61.8% on the German magazine article saying that Pres Trump may impose 25% tariffs on European auto imports as early as next week.  There are some other reports that have come out that say Kudlow and Mnuchin talked
….the high today stalled just ahead of the 2017 closing level.  The S&P index is up 37 points or 1.41% at 2669.66. The high reached 2671.64.  A nice rebound from the sharply lower levels last week. However, the big gain, has one little problem.   The price high stalled just ahead of the 2017 closing level