Technical Analysis

Negotiators say draft treaty is close EU and UK negotiators are close to a breakthrough, the FT reports. However they are still struggling with disputes over fishing rights and the how to end “backstop” arrangements for the Irish border. “At a briefing for ambassadors in Brussels on Friday evening, EU negotiators said there was broad consensus
Comments from Mexico’s incoming President Won’t make any fiscal or economic changes in first three years Won’t change banking laws Principal change of our government is ending corruption The peso has rebounded on these comments. USD/MXN: Fears were intensifying in Mexican banks and more broadly after canceling the Mexico City airport project. Good on AMLO
Major indices up >2.11%.  Wow… Even Trump said before the election that if you vote Democrat, you are voting for a lower stock market.  Not today! The House went to the Democrats. The Senate will remain Republican. So it was a 50/50 split,  However, Pres. Trump spun it as the best case scenario for all,