Crude oil is in a bull rend.  Crude oil retreated near the 50-period simple moving average and $74.00 a barrel.The 50, 100 and the 200-period simple moving average are rising and widening suggesting strong bullish momentum. WTI is set to stabilize above 74.00 as bulls should lift the market towards 75.88 figure.  A strong bear breakout
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Why has the dollar gained The US dollar is mixed today but it’s outperformed everything over the past three months, except for the Canadian dollar. Today UBS looks at what’s driving the move and says it’s a combination of simple factors: very strong US growth data sturdy equity gains rising oil prices improving global growth
A quiet day on the docket for European trading Good day, everyone! Hope you’re all doing well as we get into the session ahead. It’s been a relatively light start to trading so far but once again the dollar is making headway as yields threaten a break higher. That’s the major story in trading so
According to the Research Department at BBVA, a further adjustment in monetary policy in Turkey should not be ruled out after today’s surprise in inflation data.  Key Quotes:  “Consumer prices increased 6.3% (mom) in September, significantly higher than our and market expectations (3.9% BBVA Research vs. 3.4% Bloomberg). This leads the annual figure to jump
Still higher on the day, but much of the gains have been erased The S&P index has pared gains and trades to new session lows.  The high for the day reached 2939.86. That occurred in the first hour of trading and was short of the record high at 2940.91 (September 21.  The last hour has
This could be a watershed US 10-year yields are up 9.5 bps to 3.16%. That’s the highest since 2001 as it breaks some enormous resistance levels. This could be signaling the end of a multi-generational bull market in bonds. Worse yet, it could mean a bear market in bonds and that would mean a fundamental
Talking Points: – Both the Italian BTP 2- and 10-year yields have come off recent highs, but the Euro rally has faded across the board – EUR/GBP, EUR/JPY, and EUR/USD are at or near their opening price levels. – US Dollar bid in recent days tied directly to concerns about the Italian budget; Fed rate